About the High Park Project


About the High Park Project

The High Park Project aims to address health inequalities, social isolation and facilitate community improvement activities in the High Park area of Southport – an area of multiple deprivations.

The project aims to do this by helping to give a voice to the community and challenging residents and stakeholders to improve their community, encourage healthier lifestyles and make them more accessible, and help to reduce social isolation.

The project is led by Southport based healthy living charity Brighter Living Partnership. In 2019, the High Park Project received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund for five years. This funding has enabled the project to employ a full-time Community Organizer and a part-time Activities Facilitator, organise local events with an activity and training budget that helps to enrich and improve residents’ lives and create meaningful and lasting changes to the High Park area.

Community involvement

Community involvement is a core belief of the High Park Project. Since the beginning, the aim has been to listen to what High Parkers have wanted and to empower the community to have a sense of ownership over the project. 

The High Park Project has also been instrumental in helping to facilitate community groups such as:

Friends of High Park Green Spaces

One of the project’s most recent successes is the Friends of High Park Green Spaces. Set up in 2021, the project received funding from the Liverpool City Region for the High Park Green Spaces Project to help improve Devonshire Road Park, Russell Road Recreation Ground and Canning Road park. The aim of the funding was to brighten up the parks with significant community involvement – The Friends of High Park Green Spaces community group was instrumental in this. This funding and community participation has resulted in the building of 14 planters, 10 living willow structures, 26 adult fruit trees and hundreds of saplings.

If you’d like to join the Friends of High Park Green Spaces or would like to volunteer with the project click here.

Bispham Road Improvement Group

The Bispham Road Improvement Group have been working with the council to help improve High Park’s main retail and business hub. So far the group has had six planters built and in 2021 Bispham Road got its first Christmas tree for well over a decade.

If you’d like to join the Bispham Road improvement group click here.

If you’d like to have your say on how to improve High Park then contact us here.

To keep up to date on the latest development follow us on Facebook.

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