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Question 10: Solve the anagram below, here is the clue: “I am two words, I hang around the sand and slacks and I love to sing. People call me the Birkdale Nightingale.”


Location: Dome and willow tunnel, Canning Road

High Park Project Fact: Playing in nature

The High Park Project and the Friends of High Park’s Green Spaces group wanted to improve the area’s play opportunities for local children, so with the help of the community, we built living willow dens so kids have a chance to play in a more natural setting. Situated in this park (Canning Road) and Devonshire Park Road, we hope these living willow dens will help inspire creative play, a love of nature and be a focus for forest school skill sessions.

Eden Hall Care Home staff and volunteers helping to build the Willow tunnel in Canning Road Park

Did you know?

In 1957 the High Park Labour club became the social centre of the neighbourhood. It was a popular venue that hosted cabaret, country singers, comedians and speciality acts. While there is no concrete proof, sources tell us that a rough, little known, leather-clad combo called ‘the Beatles’ played on March 9th, 1961. The High Park Labour Club was known to be on the ‘circuit’ at the time.  

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