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Location: Large dome willow structure, Devonshire Park

High Park Project Fact: Bringing the community together

The living willow dens you see in the parks were built with the help of Children from Bishop David Sheppard Primary School and Holy Family Primary School. They also helped us plant hundreds of ‘whips’ (baby trees) and bulbs. As the months and years go by these living structures will continue to grow.

Did you know?

High Park used to have a football team called High Park FC. They were a popular team and used to play on Devonshire Road. In 1889 they moved to Wennington Road where they played many teams including Bolton Wanderers, a founding member of the original Football League, now the Premier League. There is also a record of High Park FC playing Southport FC at Devonshire Road in front of 2,500 people in the 1890s.

In 1886, High Park drew against Everton on their home ground a newspaper report at the time stated:

“What is to be said of the Everton tie with High Park. Never was a team more unlucky than the Southport lot. Never was a team more surprised than Everton…Certainly, I was not prepared to see such a close result of the contest, not from any underrating of the ability of the Parkers, but from a knowledge of the brilliant form of Everton.”

In 1968 High Park FC toured Russia and was one of the first western teams to go ‘behind the Iron Curtain’. The football team carried on until the end of the 20th century.

Source: Secret Sand Land and Wayne Cowling. 

Google map of where old football grounds on Wennington Road used to be and their location on an original map from 1890s.

Source: Secret Sand Land.

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