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Question 3:

What links the words spider, bat and Iron? 

Location: Adult tree, Devonshire Park

High Park Project Fact: Your Park, Your harvest

The adult fruit tree you found this QR code on, like those around it, was planted through a grant from the Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund to the High Park Project. You are welcome to enjoy the blossom and harvest any fruit, such as apples, these trees produce.

Produce from the parks public planters.

Did you know?

The name High Park first appeared in parish records in 1762. The area took its name from ‘Park Farm’ a slightly raised farmstead situated on what is now Old Park Lane. The map below (C.1845. Source: Secret Sandland) shows buildings named ‘High Park’, which today would be situated between Sidney and Heysham Roads.

Map from 1845 showing the development of High Park.

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