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Location: Planter, Wavell Close

High Park Project Fact: Community Planters

These community planters were built by volunteers from the Friends of High Park Green Spaces. One planter is for bee and butterfly friendly flowers and the other is for growing veg that anyone can harvest and enjoy.

Why not join the group on their next Love Your Park Day! Find out more about the Friends of High Park Green Spaces here.

 Did you know?

Located off Wavell Avenue was the then famous Excelsior Fireworks owned by Oswald Bradley. Bradley took over the factory in 1913 and made a popular range of retail fireworks. In 1969, there was a large fire at the factory and in 1971 the factory closed. The video below shows some footage of the fire and scenes from a Sunday school parade organised by St. Simons and St. Jude. 

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