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Location: Adult tree by the entrance of Russell Road Recreation Ground

High Park Project Fact: Improving High Park’s Green Spaces

Since the High Park Project restarted in 2019, the High Park Project has been keen to gather peoples opinions about changes they would like to see happen through surveys and our High Park Community Action Group. Through this many people voiced how they wanted to improve the area’s green spaces. As a result, the Friends of High Park’s Green Spaces was born. Now the group looks after developments in Devonshire Road Park, Canning Road Park (also known as Salisbury Street Park) and Russell Road Recreation Ground. 

Russell Road Recreation Ground is a popular place for football teams. Our efforts have been focused on the Wavell Close area and include two planters and a living willow arbour. We have also planted these two adult fruit trees.

If you’re interested in joining the High Park Community Action Group contact Joe.mcNulty@brighterliving.org.uk 

Building planters in the Wavell Close end of Russell Road recreation ground.

Did you know?

The first High Parkers, weren’t officially recorded until 1812, which predates the first entry for Southport by 50 years. Eight different surnames feature in the first records:

  • Halsall
  • Ball
  • Howard
  • Blundell
  • Huyton
  • Miller
  • Rymer
  • Twist

If you have one of these surnames, and you have deep roots in the area, then you may be a descendent of the first recorded High Parkers!

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