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Question 8: Solve this fiendish riddle

Two Fathers accompanied by their respective sons go fishing, each one catches a fish but only three fish are caught.  How can this be? 

Location: Adult trees, Canning Road

High Park Project Fact: Community Fruit trees

The High Park Project and the Friends of High Park Green Spaces have been busy in Canning Road Park building planters, planting adult trees, ‘whips’ and living willow structures with the help of local businesses, organisations like Eden Hall Care home, local kids and adult volunteers. Explore the park to find the other QR codes.

Children from the local area helped build and maintain the planters

Did you Know?

As High Park began to expand in the late 1800s not much thought was given to toilets and other sanitary facilities. Residents began demanding some form of public washing and bathing facilities. In 1903, the Southport Authority provided open-air baths alongside the Canning Road Tram Sheds. The Baths were for men and boys only, women and girls were permitted to wash once a week on Thursdays. Some High Park residents may remember an open-air swimming pool that had some striking mosaics. The pool and the baths were used by High Parkers until 1966 when they were shut down due to insufficient use. 

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