Hello and welcome to the High Park: Think Family, Think Community project!

The High Park Project for High Park residents

Bag It & Bin It Banners designed by local children

The project gives local people a chance to have their voices heard, get involved and help make positive changes within their community.

The High Park project works with local residents, organisations, schools and businesses to raise awareness and get people involved in this exciting project.

Get involved in your community & make a positive difference!

What a busy few months we have had at the High Park project!

  • *First Aid Training with St John’s Ambulance see link
  • *Dog Microchippping event see link
    March 2016
  • *3 days celebration of local authors and books for World Book Day including author visits to local schools and children’s centres
  • *An Easter Party organised by the wonderful pupils in the school council at Meols Cop High School see link
  • April 2016
  • *A Family Fun Day at Bishop David Sheppard Primary School and
  • *A Family Fun Afternoon on Devonshire Road Park see link

    October 2016 Community Newsletters
  • May 2016
  • *Charlie’s Way afternoon tea birthday party and fundraiser
  • June 2016
  • *School Holidays bus on Devonshire Road Park
  • *High Park Community Newsletter June 2016
  • *PDA event supported by Charlie’s Way
  • *Community Day to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday at Bishop David Sheppard School
  • July 2016
  • *Food Hygiene Training for our volunteers
  • August 2016
  • *School Holidays bus on Devonshire Road Park with lots of fun sports and arts & crafts

    Pop up Sandpit on Devonshire Road Park
  • *Relax Kids sessions
  • *Food Hygiene & First Aid Classes for the young people
  • *Summer School Holidays Scavenger Hunt & Secret Word with Bispham Road businesses 
  • September 2016
  • *Food Hygiene Training for our volunteers
  • *Residents Survey for our volunteers
  • October 2016
  • *High Park Community Newsletter October 2016 

    This project is for High Park residents – if you have any ideas for events & activities we can do next, or you want to get involved – please get in touch with Joe:

    Email: joe.mcnulty@brighterliving.org.uk

    Telephone 01704 517810 



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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. It would really benefit the area if a fun project could be started to clear all of the overgrown shrubbery blighting our streets. The council don’t seem to be bothered in tackling this issue any longer after numerous requests. I realise the H & S brigade may have something to say but look at the difference the team have made to Rotten Row. It is in all residents best interests (sale of property etc) to maintain our houses, streets and gardens.


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